Rochdale Harriers and A.C.

Rochdale Harriers Three Day Event

1st November 2018

25th Annual Rochdale Three Day Event

Three Tough Races in Three Days. In it’s 25th year (2019) this promises to be a real celebration of running! 

Friday – Sunday 7th, 8th, 9th June 2019

Download 2019 Postal Entry Form here

Rochdale Harriers three day event day one

(Day 1, Norden Road Race, picture by Ian Slater)


2018 Results and Pictures  

2017 Results and Pictures  

TECHNICAL T-Shirt (not cotton) to those who pre-enter by 26th May and then complete all three races.  Postal pre-entry for all three races combined costs  £17 EA attached, £21 unattached for entry on or before 26th May.
On-line entry is slightly more expensive than postal entry due to booking fees.
Prices for Day 1 and Day 2 rise by £2 per race for entries received on or after 26th May.

Registration for all three races: The Brown Cow Pub, 832 Edenfield Road, Norden, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL12 7RB (Multimap)

Map showing the three races relative to each other


Day 1: Friday 7th June 2019, 7.30pm     6 Mile Norden Road Race

A breathtaking course (in every sense) with stunning views on the climb up Edenfield road and during the descent down Ashworth Valley Road  (more detail). Postal pre-entry by 26th May: £5 EA attached, £7 unattached. £2 extra to enter after the pre-entry deadline.

Download 2019 Postal Entry Form here


Day 2: Saturday 8th June 2019, 11.00am     6 Mile Naden Valley Multi-Terrain Race

An undulating, three lap course through Naden Valley, School Lane, across the stream and past the Three Owls Bird Sanctuary (more detail).  Postal pre-entry by 26th May: £5 EA attached, £7 unattached.  £2 extra to enter after the pre-entry deadline.

Download 2019 Postal Entry Form here


Day 3: Sunday 9th June 2019, 11.00am     6 Mile “Knowl Hill” Fell Race

The most popular of the three due to the scenery, route and advertising in the FRA handbook – a Category BM Fell Race (1300′ total climbs) passing Higher Naden Reservoir, up to the top of Knowl Hill (1380′), down between the 4 reservoirs, back up then down past Dr Dam lake to the finish (more detail) £5 for everyone.  Pre-entry will be possible on-line.

Download 2019 Postal Entry Form here


Course records:


Day 1 – Carly Needham, Rochdale     39:20 (2006) – previous record 39:24 (2003)

Day 2 – Carly Needham, Rochdale     42:34 (2006) – previous record 42:57 (2000)

Day 3 – Katie Walshaw, Holmfirth     47:04 (2015)

Fastest cumulative ladies time for all 3 days Lucy Whittaker,  Saddleworth 39:29, 42:57, 50:06 = 2:12:32 (2000)


Day 1 – Dave Lewis, Rossendale     31:51 (1997)

Day 2  – John Brown, Salford     33:53 (1998)

Day 3 – Sam Tosh, Rossendale     41:10 (2015) (Previous record Dave Lewis, 41:23 (2000))

Fastest cumulative time for all 3 days: Dave Lewis Rossendale 32:17, 35:02, 41:23 = 1:48:42 (2000)  


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Chris Furse says:

Hi Rochdale Harriers,
I will be in the Rochdale area on the weekend of the 7-9th June and am planning to do the 3 day event. I live in Glasgow and am a member of Westerlands Cross Country Club and Scottish Athletics. Could I still claim the affiliated club discount price of £17?

Nick Barton says:

Hi Chris, yes you can still get the affiliated price.