Rochdale Harriers and A.C.

Rochdale Harriers Road Race Championship

22nd January 2018


1. Race Selection

1.1 The races and format (e.g. best 4 races count from 7) for each Championship shall be decided by the Committee at an OGM and published on the RHAC website in the early part of each calendar year.


2.1 To be eligible to take part in a Championship, you must be a fully paid-up, first claim member of RHAC (a “Qualifying Athlete”).

2.2 A League Table will be compiled for each Championship and the results of Qualifying Athletes shall be included in the League Tables. The League Table(s) will be published on the RHAC website and updated regularly throughout the year, with updates between each race where possible.

2.3 Your result in a race will not count towards the Championship and will not be included in the League Table for that Championship if one or more of the following apply:

2.3.1 you were not a Qualifying Athlete on the day of that race (e.g. you were not a fully paid-up, first claim member of RHAC on race day);

2.3.2 you did not wear an official RHAC vest for a that race or the official long-sleeved equivalent; and

2.3.3 you ran that race under another person’s name and as a result your name does not appear in the official results for that race.

2.4 If you are not a fully paid-up, first claim member of RHAC on the day of the prize giving for a Championship (normally at the Xmas party) you will not be entitled to any prizes or other awards for your performance in that Championship.

2.5 You will be entitled to a maximum of one prize or award per Championship, with prizes and awards in the Overall category taking precedent over prizes and awards in veteran age categories.

2.6 Your age category is determined by your age on the day of the first race in a Championship, even if you do not do run in that race and even if you were not a Qualifying Athlete on that day.

3. Categories

3.1 The categories for fell race Championships shall be as follows:

Overall – men and ladies respectively, regardless of age.
JM and JF – men and ladies respectively aged under 23.
SEN M and SEN F – men and ladies respectively aged 23 to 39.

MV40 and FV40 – men and ladies MV45 and FV45 – men and ladies MV50 and FV50 – men and ladies MV55 and FV55 – men and ladies MV60 and FV60 – men and ladies MV65 and FV65 – men and ladies And so forth in 5 year increments.

respectively aged 40 to 44. respectively aged 45 to 49. respectively aged 50 to 54. respectively aged 55 to 59. respectively aged 60 to 64. respectively aged 65 to 69.

3.2 The categories for all Championships other than the fell race Championship shall be as described in 3.1 above except that:
(a) the SEN F category shall be for ladies aged 23 to 34; and
(b) there shall additionally be a FV35 category for ladies aged 35 to 39.


4.1 In each race within a Championship, points will be awarded to Qualifying Athletes in descending order according to their finishing position overall and in their age category, relative to all Qualifying Athletes, with men and women counting in separate categories as set out in clause 3 above. 32pts shall be awarded for first place, 29pts for second, 28pts for third, and so on.

4.2 If more than 30 Qualifying Athletes finish a Championship race, all Qualifying Athletes finishing 30th or later overall or in an age category shall be awarded a single (1) point.

4.3 Gun times (not chip times) shall be used to determine your finishing position amongst the Qualifying Athletes.

4.4 Your finishing position in a Championship will be determined by the total number of points you scored as a Qualifying Athlete, in accordance with the race format (e.g. best 4 results from 7 counted in the 2015 Road Race Championships), relative to the total number of points scored by all other Qualifying Athletes.

4.5 Prizes or other awards will be awarded to the first three finishers in the Overall male and female categories and the male and female age categories set out in clause 3 above. In the event that a veteran finishes in the top three in the overall category, that veteran’s position in the veteran category will included when assessing the positions of other veterans in that category. For example, If an MV40 is 3rd in the overall male category and 1st in the MV40 category, the MV40 with the next highest number of points in the MV40 category shall be regarded as 2nd MV40.

4.6 Where two or more Qualifying Athletes are tied on points in a Category, their relative positions shall be determined as follows:

  1. 4.6.1  the athlete with the better head-to-head record will be placed above the other athlete(s).
  2. 4.6.2  if head-to-head record is equal then the athlete with the lowest cumulative time in head-to-head races will be placed above the other athlete(s).
  3. 4.6.3  if 4.6.2 results in a tie, the athletes will be determined to be equal.

5. Right to Appeal

5.1 If any fully paid-up, first claim member of RHAC believes that:
5.1.1 he or she has not been treated in accordance with these rules; 5.1.2 an error has been made in the results or League Tables; or

5.1.3 these rules do not adequately address a particular factual situation;
then he or she shall have the right to appeal to the Committee. The Committee’s decision shall be final and non-appealable and, where necessary, the League Tables shall be corrected to reflect the Committee’s decision.

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