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Going the distances at Staveley

8th May 2018

Lakeland Trails provided another opportunity for a group of Rochdale Harriers to race – this time 4 members doing 3 separate events at Staveley.

A glorious bank holiday weekend resulted in a festival atmosphere, even if it meant for tough running conditions :)

First event of the day was the 10k trail race (actually 11.7k) featuring Jeff McCarthy and Kristian Robinson.  Both set off quite near the back of a very large field of over 400 and worked their way through during the race. Club president Colin Robinson was waiting near one of the final climbs towards Reston Scar to encourage both onwards and upwards, i.e. make us continue running when our legs were screaming at us to stop! Once you top Reston Scar, there is an adrenalin boosting downhill kilometre where you can really let the legs fly. Jeff finished 32nd in 1:03:45 and Kristian 87th in 1:12:54.

lakeland trails staveley

Kristian approaching Reston Scar

Lakeland Trails staveley

Jeff approaching Reston Scar

lakeland trails staveley

Jeff tops Reston Scar

lakeland trails staveley

Kristian topping Reston Scar



Starting 15 mins later was the 5k race in which Izzy McCarthy came 11th last year as a 14 year old.  Emma Robinson was running this as her first ever Lakeland Trails race so understandably a little nervous beforehand. She ran really well on a very tough, hilly course that incorporated a steep climb from the start and another in topping out Reston Scar. Emma came 30th out of 84 with a time of 42:29. This may be the start of regular trail races for her!

lakeland trails staveley

lakeland trails staveley

Emma topping Reston Scar


The final event was the 17k Trail Race, featuring Ian Stainthorpe – he of the multiple events at Hawkshead. This is another glorious route that takes in Kentmere Water before a prolonged climb as you head back towards Staveley. Oh and he had Reston Scar to contend with too. By this time the heat was reaching it’s peak of around 24C – so lovely for the others all relaxing on the field but not Stainers who was out on the trails. With consistency a trademark of his, Stainers had another decent run, coming in 49th out of 206 with a time of 1:33:05.

lakeland trails staveley

Stainers on the gruelling climb back


Another cracking day out in idyllic conditions for this time of year. Next one is Coniston Marathon day where they have the full marathan, the half or the 10k.

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