Rochdale Harriers and A.C.

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You are more than welcome to come along for a few training sessions before you decide whether to join. Please bring proof of identity (you may be asked to complete a form too).

If you would like to find out more about our club, please feel free to contact the following:

Senior Ladies – contact Jill Butterworth

Senior Men – contact Nick Barton

Juniors – contact Mel Taylor

Disability Athletics – contact Janet Proctor

The contact details for Jill, Janet, Mel, Nick are on the contacts page.

All ages and abilities are welcome. Please feel free to call in at training for a chat one Tuesday or Thursday evening after 8pm.

The annual membership fees as at April 2017 consist of 1) + 2) below.

Membership fees are due each April (i.e. if you join or renew part later than April you get less than 12 months in your first year), however if you join between 1st January and April, you get a full year plus the additional months up to April :

1) An England Athletics fee per person (excluding Juniors under the age of 11 and Social members where no England Athletics fee applies), this is currently £14, but the club has for a number of years absorbed the rising cost of England Athletics membership, keeping this element the member cost at £15. Juniors (11-17 years) England Athletics membership is £10. Under 11 / social / 2nd claim there is no England Athletics membership fee.

2) A club fee as follows:

Junior (6-18): £7.00
Adult (18+):  £15.00
2 Adults: £25.00
1 Adult + 1 Child: £20.00
2 Adults + 2 Children: £35.00
Social Membership (parent, official, volunteer) : £5.00 only (no £10 England Athletics fee)


1 active adult member costs £15+£15 = £30

1 active adult + 1 U11 Junior costs £15+£10+£7 = £32

1 active adult + 1 Junior aged 11 or over costs £15+£10+£15+£7 = £47

1 social member + 1 Junior aged 11 or over costs £5+£10+£7 = £22

Please note that weekly subs are also payable if you attend training sessions.

To join Rochdale Harriers & A.C. or to renew your membership please download the Membership Form, complete it and hand it to Colin Robinson, Membership Secretary, one Tuesday or Thursday training evening.

Download Membership Application